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9 June 2011

{ Wedding, Sister & Antony }

The most adorable and the nicest couple ever, it is them !

Again thank you for everything and for this beautiful day, for introducing me to a wonderful mariage oriental, and again, for such kindness and attention .
You are happy, it shows. Keep it up !

photographe mariage106

abla&antony176 copy

photographe mariage105

abla&antony152 copy

photographe mariage102

abla&antony141 copy

photographe mariage103

photographe mariage104

abla&antony94 copy

photographe mariage101

abla&antony320 copy

photographe mariage117

photographe mariage116

photographe mariage100

photographe mariage107

photographe mariage112

photographe mariage115

photographe mariage108

photographe mariage113

photographe mariage109

photographe mariage111

photographe mariage110

photographe mariage114


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2 Responses to “Wedding, Sister & Antony”

  1. Thank you to you Matthew, the photos are beautiful, we had an amazing time in your presence. Your professionalism, your kindness, your discretion when taking pictures, All our guests have noticed these qualities and we are all unanimous in congratulating you for your work, it makes you want to remarry, with the same, of course!!!!!!


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