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30 November 2011

{ Portraits, Charlie }

I met Charlotte there 7 years at the bottom of a smoky hallway, and we got along instantly. Today, as our carreers have parted, our paths cross again, Charlotte naturally came to me to make a series of portraits to illustrate her new website.

Charlotte is a journalist for Le Monde and communications consultant and wanted pictures in his image: Natural, offbeat, explosives !

It was a treat for me, even though we laughed a lot and it was hard do do the shots… Again thank you to my Charlie and see you soon ! !!!

You can find his site and its services here :

Charlie : WE DID IT ! ;)




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One Response to “Portraits, Charlie”

  1. Goods Mon Mattiew ! Your pictures have given my website a special color and true identity. You’re the boss.


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