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12 December 2011

{ Meanwhile Janelle }

Extract of a pregnancy session for Audrey, before the arrival of Janelle December 24. Thank you for everything and see you in February for the birth session !

32 copy

photographe mariage paris100

photographe mariage paris101

photographe mariage paris102

photographe mariage paris103

photographe mariage paris104

photographe mariage paris105

photographe mariage paris106

photographe mariage paris108


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5 Responses to “Meanwhile Janelle”

  1. superb…I should have to Tristan


  2. We can add 2 days before arrival!!! Thank you for this moment immortalized in my life so magical. A very fast for the rest…


  3. She arrived on 16 December! And it's a real beauty that I'm on make your photos more than exceptional!


  4. Brave !! And congratulations !!! It was hot then finally : it was time for the session pregnancy… ;)
    A very fast !


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