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27 January 2012

{ 14 pictures of your wedding must- }

Before choosing your wedding Photographer, you'll probably have in mind your own list of pictures “must-have”. I am not speaking here of group shots to give to your family, but about these emotionnaly charged moments of your wedding day. The list, your list, is an indicator of the style you want for your wedding photos.
So if you do not know where to start (this may be the case, and it's not a drama), let me give you ideas, my own list of those unique moments I love capturing in every wedding story.

A heartbeat

The wedding preparations. Right before saying “yes”. You get impatient. The hours last longer as time is running out. Your heart races. You will soon discover your beloved one.


A dress

This princess dress you so often dreamed of. She tortured you mind for weeks. Now, she'll sublimate you.


A detail

Because your wedding is also an infinite number of things you've imagined and planned.


A look

There are looks that say more about your love than a thousand words.


A Kiss

and kisses too…


An event

Because your wedding is also an opportunity to share the joy with your loved ones in this unique moment of your life.



Once the stress ceremonies past, you end up together and it's time to drop the pressure. A laughter, a face… Have fun ! !


A moment of eternity

On your wedding day, time will run at lightspeed. So, together, let's try to stop time and capture your emotions and your happiness for eternity.



A smile

Your guests. All those moments they will share with you during the day, but you may have missed.




A tear

When the emotion climaxes, it all can be said in a photo.




Your witnesses, your accomplices to life .


A dance

Whether you have rehearsed or not, whether the choreography is achieved or not, you'll have stage fright, but you are the stars. Let's kick the party !.



A party

Again you will not see everything that is happening around you. So, with photos, you'll remember.


A Surprise

And because your wedding day will be made of this infinity of little magical moments, the wedding photographer will make every effort to provide you with glossy memories that will last a lifetime.


I may be forgetting… If you think of other times wedding must-haves, do not hesitate to comment below if !

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