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16 February 2012

{ Birth, Janelle }

After the session pregnancy the end of 2011, we eventually got the newborn pictures of Janelle, born 16 December.

A beautiful little doll that was not very happy to pose for us, but we did it ! !
Again thank you to Audrey, kisses and see you soon !

photographe naissance grossesse106

photographe naissance grossesse105

photographe naissance grossesse104

photographe naissance grossesse103

photographe naissance grossesse102

photographe naissance grossesse101

photographe naissance grossesse100

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7 Responses to “Birth, Janelle”

  1. she is too beautiful, my little one!!!I love you too much
    Big kisses
    And bravo to the photographer who took pictures remarkable!!!!


  2. Just BEAUTIFUL !! Beautiful pictures!!
    Big kisses to my love Janelle!!!


  3. And yes she made her early STAR!!!
    I comtemple EVERY picture…
    A big thank you for your professionalism and your kindness!
    The Bises!!


  4. Simply extend my congratulations to the eye and the finger that freeze and we offer these magic moments.
    Janelle…Love of my sparrow.
    Also congratulate my daughter that I love…
    * South Kisses to you 5 *
    Be quickly.


  5. Thank you all for so many compliments ! It was a pleasure ! And I hope I will have the opportunity to see the little princess grow… ;)


  6. Ma-ni-tific! Simply manifique!!
    Bravo to the photographer and models! What a beautiful memory you can have by reviewing it in a few years..


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