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24 May 2012

{ Wedding, Lucille Frederick }

Paris, Pavillon Dauphine, le 18 mai 2012.

She is from Paris, he is from Marseilles… They're made for each other ! Lucille and Fred contacted me this winter to be the wedding Photographer during this wonderful day. We got along right away, and I thank them for the warm welcome they both reserved me.

So “Aloha” (as they flew to Hawaii after the wedding), and Check back in July for a “trash-the-dress session” promises !

photographe mariage100

photographe mariage101

photographe mariage102

photographe mariage103

photographe mariage104

photographe mariage106

photographe mariage112

photographe mariage105

Lucille et Frederic-1092 copy

photographe mariage110

photographe mariage109

photographe mariage107

photographe mariage108

photographe mariage111

photographe mariage113

Lucille et Frederic-1140 copy

photographe mariage124

Lucille et Frederic-1405 copy

photographe mariage122

Lucille et Frederic-1452 copy

photographe mariage121

photographe mariage119

photographe mariage120

photographe mariage117

photographe mariage118

photographe mariage116

photographe mariage115

photographe mariage114

photographe mariage123

photographe mariage127

Lucille et Frederic-1602 copy

Lucille et Frederic-1595 copy

photographe mariage129

photographe mariage126

photographe mariage135

photographe mariage125

photographe mariage128

photographe mariage136

photographe mariage137

photographe mariage139

photographe mariage140

photographe mariage141

photographe mariage133

photographe mariage132

photographe mariage134 photographe mariage131

One Response to “Wedding, Lucille Frederick”

  1. They are superb. What a beautiful couple and what beautiful pictures ! Brave !!


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