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6 June 2012

{ Wedding, Marie Saïd }

of Chateau de Gency, May 26, 2012

Said and Marie contacted me last September in search of a Wedding Photographer, and I was lucky enough to have been chosen for their wedding. A big thank you to this couple full of life and joy that welcomed me into their family for this beautiful sunny day.
I think their love and complicity show throughout these photos and I am delighted to have been part of it. See you soon and many thanks again !


photographe mariage01

photographe mariage03

photographe mariage02

Marie et Said-1103 copy

photographe mariage100

…you are a true artist who deserves to be entrusted to the report of this wonderful day ! Thanks to you I relive that day in great detail through your masterpieces ! Thank you

photographe mariage08

photographe mariage07

Marie et Said-1149 copy

photographe mariage06

photographe mariage04

photographe mariage05

photographe mariage09

photographe mariage18

Marie et Said-1128 copy

photographe mariage12

photographe mariage11

Marie et Said-1163 copy

photographe mariage10

Marie et Said-1303 copy

photographe mariage16

photographe mariage15

photographe mariage13

photographe mariage14

photographe mariage17

Marie et Said-1496 copy

photographe mariage19

photographe mariage20

Marie et Said-1549 copy

photographe mariage21

photographe mariage22

photographe mariage23

photographe mariage24

photographe mariage25

photographe mariage27

photographe mariage26

photographe mariage28

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6 Responses to “Wedding, Marie Saïd”

  1. I still get chills ! very nice story


  2. Just beautiful! it's amazing how you manage to capture those moments of emotion, you are very strong.


  3. Just beautiful !!! the good performers


  4. Great photo selection I can not wait even the full :) and bravo to the photographer


  5. They are absolutely stunning, I never tire of watching ! No sorry you have chosen : you are a true artist who deserves to be entrusted to the report of this wonderful day ! Thanks to you I relive that day in every detail (emotion with !) through your masterpieces ! Thank you


  6. Thank you for these great photos. After the city council and the different shots in the park of the town hall, those who have not had the chance to continue with you were able to get an idea of ​​the series of festivities. All our best wishes to the newlyweds. Sylvie.


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