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16 July 2012

{ Wedding, Caroline Guillaume }

Fontainebleau, 0July 7

So much fun to have been part of this wedding ! !

Guillaume broke his wrist a few weeks ago and everything could have gone wrong. But these two are so beautiful and so adorable that it was a complete success !

A beautiful wedding, and so a huge thank you to Caroline and Guillaume to have chosen me as wedding Photographer. I had a great time ! See you soon I hope and do not change anything.

photographe mariage paris100

photographe mariage paris102

photographe mariage paris101

photographe mariage paris103

Caroline & Guilaume-1049 copy

Caroline & Guilaume-1192 copy

photographe mariage paris110

photographe mariage paris109

photographe mariage paris106

photographe mariage paris104

photographe mariage paris105

Caroline & Guilaume-1109 copy

photographe mariage paris107

photographe mariage paris108


This wonderful day is immortalized forever thanks to your talent. We thank you again for your professionalism, ta ta disponibilité et gentillesse, we would not have been happier ... congratulations again for your work. You are a true artist.
Caroline & Guillaume


Caroline & Guilaume-1323 copy

Caroline & Guilaume-1357 copy

Caroline & Guilaume-1318 copy

Caroline & Guilaume-1306 copy

photographe mariage paris118

photographe mariage paris119

photographe mariage paris120

Caroline & Guilaume-1334 copy

photographe mariage paris121

photographe mariage paris114

photographe mariage paris117

photographe mariage paris116

photographe mariage paris122

photographe mariage paris124

photographe mariage paris125

Caroline & Guilaume-1433 copy

photographe mariage paris126

photographe mariage paris115

photographe mariage paris123

Caroline & Guilaume-1302 copy

photographe mariage paris127

photographe mariage paris113

Caroline & Guilaume-1299 copy

Caroline & Guilaume-1292 copy

photographe mariage paris128

Caroline & Guilaume-1287 copy

photographe mariage paris129

photographe mariage paris131

photographe mariage paris130

photographe mariage paris132


And finally a big thank you to for publishing this beautiful wedding :)


4 Responses to “Wedding, Caroline Guillaume”

  1. At seven months of marriage when I started contacting photographers for our wedding and they all answered me politely that they were already taken, I started seriously anxious…

    But in the end thanks to the photographer Frederic Bayle who referred me to your link, I fell in love with your work !!!

    It was exactly what was being sought as William and I made, no doubt, it had to be you !

    But when anxiety occurred with your availability for that day…I still remember you have sent an email before leaving the job and have zieuté my phone all the way back home to see if you had left a message…

    Finally the joy and relief to know that you were still available for this day…We were literally in angels !

    And we still are seeing the result more pictures taken during our day.

    I went through so many beautiful blogs wedding with beautiful pictures of married and happy moments that I can not believe that we too, thanks to you we have this and that people in the pictures is us this time !!

    We had a daydream during this magical day and you knew how to capture every moment to perfection…Being photographed is not always obvious, you never know how to keep, whether to smile or not, but you put us at ease and the result is to go, we still can not realize that those great shots on people we see are not strangers but we even, rendering is so beautiful…This wonderful day is immortalized forever thanks to your talent.

    We thank you again for your professionalism, ta ta disponibilité et gentillesse, we would not have been happier…

    Again congratulations on your work,

    You are a true artist.

    Good luck and see you soon Matt.

    {Caroline Guillaume}


  2. C’est vrai qu’il est magnifique ce mariage! Félicitation Matt pour ce joli rendu et quels beaux mariés!


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