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These two lovers got married two years ago, but it is never too late to get on a couple photoshoot and immortalize this love.

Diny contacted me after discovering the wedding photos I did last year for a friend of hers, and decided to contact me to do this photoshoot.

We will meet in September again for a new baby photoshoot ! So, happy holidays and see you soon.

photographe mariage paris107

photographe mariage paris106

photographe mariage paris105

Diny-Julien-122 copy

photographe mariage paris104

photographe mariage paris103

photographe mariage paris102

photographe mariage paris101

photographe mariage paris100


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One Response to “Photo Shoot torque: Diny Julien”

  1. Matthew… How to say… ONE GRAND PRODUCTS! They are just gorgeous. Aside from our wedding we had n not a lot of pictures together and perfect c. We look forward to the session with our mini us. Thank you for your kindness and your expertise. The three three three-Vite


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