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11 September 2012

{ Wedding, Caroline Gregory }

Haute Saone, September 2012

I met Caroline and Gregory in Paris a year ago already, and when they marry in eastern France in September, we can expect some rain. But these two were not removed, and we were right because the cocktail was allowed to proceed outdoors in the beautiful surroundings of Chateau de Saint-Loup Nantouard and some sunshine before returning for dinner.

They are engineers, but they are foufou ! So I think wedding photos especially the photos of the couple like them. Offset, original.

A great big thank you to you both Caroline and Gregory for your warm welcome among your family and friends. I will never forget this wedding.

photographe mariage paris106

photographe mariage paris105

Caroline-Gregory-1078 copy

photographe mariage paris107


photographe mariage paris103

photographe mariage paris102

photographe mariage paris101

photographe mariage paris104

Caroline-Gregory-1043 copy

Caroline-Gregory-1222 copy

photographe mariage paris114

photographe mariage paris108

photographe mariage paris111

photographe mariage paris109

Caroline-Gregory-1250 copy

photographe mariage paris112

photographe mariage paris110

photographe mariage paris113

photographe mariage paris115

photographe mariage paris121

photographe mariage paris119

Caroline-Gregory-1418 copy

Caroline-Gregory-1437 copy

photographe mariage paris118

photographe mariage paris117

photographe mariage paris122

Caroline-Gregory-1337 copy

photographe mariage paris116

Caroline-Gregory-1331 copy

Caroline-Gregory-1469 copy

photographe mariage paris100

photographe mariage paris123





5 Responses to “Wedding, Caroline Gregory”

  1. The photos are absolutely beautiful !
    All my wishes to the newlyweds.


  2. The photos are beautiful, married the beautiful
    What happiness for both of you always and your family


  3. Beautiful photos, hat the artist… but the models are a good deal of work ;-)


  4. Originality, Personality, beautiful photos like the married……
    If one day, we got married…….. we found THE photographer.
    Arnaud & Adeline :-)


  5. Summer 2011, you do not know it yet, but you would have the great honor to meet Banvilles. After spending evenings looking THE PHOTOGRAPHER, on tombe sur ton site… And then BAM, falls on our chair! Who is this guy who took photos like this ? They are just unreal, so perfect that it's hard to believe that as well and make beautiful couples that you had already taken. Called, Free t'es, we meet the current and going pretty well. Ca y’est, it is decided it will be THE PHOTOGRAPHER !

    This is the time to relive your shots via this memorable day and what conclusion! Even having combed through all the galleries and even knowing that all your shots were just too phew, you still managed to bluff. Greg & Caro mode you're just too beautiful or fashion is that these people who play tennis nineteenth ?! We just could not dream better. Greg with a correct head on photos it was just as unlikely !

    Just thank you for everything, your professionalism, ta discretion, your sympathy, ton talent, ta disponibilité, the quality of your pictures but especially your personality. He was a honor to have you at our table!

    We keep an unalterable memories this weekend thanks to you. On se reverra, we are sure !

    Bé oui tu es THE PHOTOGRAPHE, will have to get used to it !

    La bise

    Caroline & Gregory


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