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Last photo shoot of 2012 with Mariana and Fernando coming from Porto, to get married on December 31 at the Portuguese Embassy in Paris ! A cute couple, full of sunshine in their hearts, for a sweet and soft winter session in the center of Paris.

Thank you so much to this lovely couple !!


photographe mariage paris108

photographe mariage paris107

photographe mariage paris106


As we say in Portugal: "You fell from the sky!” : You have fallen from heaven ! – Marianna


photographe mariage paris105

photographe mariage paris104

photographe mariage paris103

photographe mariage paris102

photographe mariage paris100

photographe mariage paris101


Mariana is a freelance graphic designer and her work can be seen on her website :



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3 Responses to “Winter wedding, Mariana Fernando”

  1. Wonderful pictures of paris. What a great idea !


  2. It's really beautiful wedding photographs in Europe. December 31 here in Quebec we are in the snow. Congratulation!


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