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photographe de mariage
20 September 2013

{ Stephanie & Germain }

Stephanie & Germain…. How to explain that I was lucky enough to have met the nicest and most adorable couple in the world, and I'm still amazed by their warm and friendly welcome ? Upon my arrival, the day before in Geneva, with their little gifts for me, the drink in the middle of the lake with their friends and a magical sunset, and all the smiles and attentions that I will not forget.

To sum it up, here is very nice and happy marriage of two lovers, surrounded by their group of crazy friends, and families at’Hotel des Eaux Vives, Geneva. A beautiful sunny day for a chic and trendy wedding. LOVE !.

Happiness. Only happiness. That is all I wish you, and it's looking good !

Thank you so much for everything.


S&G-1098 copie

S&G-1115 copie

S&G-1090 copie

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S&G-1143 copie

photographe de mariage

S&G-1156 copie

S&G-1173 copie

S&G-1177 copie

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photographe mariage

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S&G-1325 copie

S&G-1332 copie

S&G-1335 copie

photographe de mariage paris

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S&G-1347 copie

photographe mariage

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S&G-1451 copie

S&G-1455 copie

S&G-1475 copie

S&G-1482 copie

S&G-1484 copie

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S&G-1525 copie

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S&G-1538 copie

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S&G-1573 copie

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S&G-1563 copie

S&G-1584 copie

S&G-1587 copie

S&G-1602 copie

S&G-1622 copie

S&G-1656 copie

S&G-1671 copie

S&G-1680 copie

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S&G-1703 copie

S&G-1713 copie

S&G-1729 copie

S&G-1746 copie

2 Responses to “Stephanie & Germain”

  1. It was discovered photos to our return trip and it was a firework of emotions !
    Sometimes tears in eyes, sometimes a burst of joy.
    Each tells a story and makes us relive the entire range of sensations of our day, a joy when you have the blues to the idea that time weakens our memory : )
    Of emotions bubble, time suspended on heartbeat, this is what you catch with your beautiful sensitivity !
    Your discretion is appreciated by all, your kindness and gentleness also.
    Each person viewing the slideshow is just amazed and compliments your photos with passion.
    We had a thunderbolt for your work and we had so much reason to choose you.
    Highly another opportunity to work with you !
    1000 Thanks,

    Stephanie Germain et


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