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31 October 2013

{ Laure & Michel }

If there is on happy couple full of life, there it is. Laure and Michel took the risk to get married in October, and that bet has paid off because it was nice all day, (almost) warm, and everything went according to plan.
A beautiful wedding full of fun and excitement, which still makes things easier, a pleasure for me. And once will not hurt, a huge thank you to the families (and especially Laure's sisters) for their hospitality and kindness throughout the day. Thank you to L&M for having trusted as your Wedding Photographer. Long live the happy couple !

L&M-1042 copie

L&M-1035 copie

L&M-1031 copie

L&M-1023 copie

L&M-1026 copie

L&M-1040 copie

L&M-1096 copie

L&M-1093 copie

L&M-1064 copie

L&M-1066 copie

L&M-1073 copie

L&M-1071 copie

L&M-1070 copie

L&M-1075 copie

L&M-1085 copie

L&M-1086 copie

L&M-1125 copie

L&M-1334 copie

L&M-1330 copie

L&M-1329 copie

L&M-1328 copie

photographe de mariage

L&M-1292 copie

L&M-1289 copie

L&M-1134 copie

L&M-1141 copie

L&M-1146 copie

L&M-1144 copie

L&M-1150 copie

L&M-1218 copie

L&M-1210 copie

L&M-1207 copie

L&M-1204 copie

L&M-1190 copie

L&M-1180 copie

L&M-1177 copie

L&M-1164 copie

L&M-1160 copie

L&M-1233 copie

L&M-1262 copie

L&M-1260 copie

L&M-1469 copie

L&M-1516 copie

L&M-1511 copie

L&M-1497 copie

L&M-1501 copie

L&M-1498 copie

L&M-1496 copie

L&M-1530 copie

L&M-1574 copie

L&M-1573 copie

L&M-1583 copie

L&M-1609 copie

L&M-1592 copie

L&M-1618 copie

L&M-1631 copie

L&M-1632 copie

photographe mariage

One prime, superb video produced by ALICANTE, young and talented videographers.

7 Responses to “Laure & Michel”

  1. Hello Matthew,
    I just start with… Wouhaaaa!!!! Tu as super bien bossé, the photos are beautiful and I look forward to seeing all!!! What emotions by seeing and reliving crossing them this weekend so beautiful and moving! I have one thing to say… Thank you!
    Good luck and may be one of those days for mine…


  2. Hello Matthew,

    I thought I had used all my stock of tears during this wonderful marriage, but your photos are so beautiful that I could not stop myself to make some.

    Thank you to have captured these moments of happiness, sharing, Love in a beautiful day, Thank you for allowing us to relive those emotions through your photos that are PAR-FAI-TES simply.


    Sophie (the youngest of the sisters)


  3. Matt, Thank you for this moving and perfect capture our moments of happiness.
    Matt, Thank you for this day engraved for eternity.
    Matt, our artist with a big heart,
    THANKS <3


  4. Hello,
    I love this story ! As married are beautiful ! :)
    But where were held the ceremony and party ?
    Thank you !


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