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photographe mariage
11 October 2013

{ Julie Derek }

Today on the blog, the beautiful French/Australian dream of Julie and Derek, at Chateau D'Ayron (Vienne, France).

Last year, I could only meet the bride & groom to be on Skype as they live in Poitiers. But given the enthusiasm of Julie, I knew it would be a great day for me. A very sweet bride, an equally charming and attentive Groom. To sum it up, a couple and : beautiful wedding full of tenderness. Thank you for your confidence in wedding Photographer !
I will not forget the hospitality and kindness of your guests. A big thank you to my drivers without whom I would still be stuck in Vienne… And all my best wishes for a life filled with happiness, whether in Poitou-Charente, or Down Under !

J&D-1000 copie

J&D-1008 copie

J&D-1054 copie

J&D-1059 copie

J&D-1062 copie

J&D-1051 copie

J&D-1041 copie

J&D-1030 copie

J&D-1047 copie

J&D-1045 copie

J&D-1042 copie

J&D-1035 copie

J&D-1068 copie

J&D-1070 copie

J&D-1075 copie

J&D-1081 copie

J&D-1097 copie

J&D-1086 copie

J&D-1101 copie

J&D-1091 copie

J&D-1092 copie

J&D-1100 copie

J&D-1127 copie

J&D-1129 copie

J&D-1154 copie

J&D-1153 copie

J&D-1144 copie

J&D-1157 copie

J&D-1165 copie

J&D-1166 copie

J&D-1169 copie

J&D-1180 copie

J&D-1181 copie

J&D-1183 copie

J&D-1193 copie

J&D-1194 copie

J&D-1196 copie

J&D-1215 copie

J&D-1224 copie

J&D-1235 copie

J&D-1238 copie

J&D-1243 copie

J&D-1249 copie

J&D-1251 copie

J&D-1287 copie

J&D-1295 copie

J&D-1301 copie

J&D-1302 copie

J&D-1309 copie

J&D-1310 copie

J&D-1313 copie

J&D-1328 copie

photographe de mariage

J&D-1356 copie

J&D-1339 copie

J&D-1340 copie

photographe mariage paris

J&D-1355 copie

photographe mariage

J&D-1389 copie

J&D-1414 copie

J&D-1452 copie

J&D-1487 copie

J&D-1392 copie

J&D-1410 copie

J&D-1412 copie

J&D-1430 copie

J&D-1438 copie

J&D-1444 copie

J&D-1450 copie

J&D-1465 copie

J&D-1493 copie

J&D-1500 copie

J&D-1502 copie

J&D-1512 copie

J&D-1525 copie

J&D-1549 copie

J&D-1636 copie

J&D-1626 copie

J&D-1632 copie

J&D-1565 copie

J&D-1585 copie

J&D-1573 copie

J&D-1618 copie

J&D-1658 copie

J&D-1660 copie

J&D-1663 copie

J&D-1665 copie

J&D-1656 copie

J&D-1737 copie

2 Responses to “Julie Derek”

  1. Matthew thank you a thousand times to make us dream with these photos!
    Stay tuned for other events!

    Julie & Derek


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