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Lucie-1006 copie
29 April 2014

{ Lucy }

Another little angel this week on the blog : Lucy, just celebrating its 1 year.
Rebecca et Thibaut, the happy parents, had contacted me there 2 years as they sought a Wedding Photographer to provide the photo report Coralie and Patrick. Today, it's time for newlyweds to make their gift this photo shoot of birth.

It was a great pleasure to return to this family sitting in their little doll all in good humor and smiles. Thank you all for your continued trust, and as “Never two without three”, perhaps soon ;)

Lucie-1006 copie

Lucie-1008 copie

Lucie-1015 copie

Lucie-1016 copie

Lucie-1018 copie

Lucie-1024 copie

Lucie-1030 copie

Lucie-1031 copie

Lucie-1040 copie

Lucie-1041 copie

Lucie-1043 copie

Lucie-1073 copie

Lucie-1077 copie

Lucie-1082 copie

Lucie-1086 copie

Lucie-1091 copie

Lucie-1095 copie

Lucie-1097 copie

Lucie-1099 copie

Here to review wedding photos Coralie and Patrick.

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One Response to “Lucy”

  1. Once again, you did a great job Matt, we are delighted with the result. You had a beautiful model, but you knew sublimate our little Lucy!


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