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C&F - Engagement-1024 copie

Clear and Fabrice contacted me almost a year ago, and trusted me to cover their wedding as Wedding Photographer in August. Meanwhile, here's a little taste in the sun in one of the most beautiful places in Paris, Pont Alexandre III and Les Invalides, one afternoon for their engagement session. A treat for me, and, for the b&g , the opportunity to get used to the camera, or just share a good time together.

Thank you both for your choice, you'll be the perfect day J, then you go this summer in your native North for the real wedding day !

photographe mariage paris

C&F - Engagement-1020 copie

C&F - Engagement-1027 copie

photographe mariage

C&F - Engagement-1033 copie

C&F - Engagement-1036 copie

C&F - Engagement-1039 copie

C&F - Engagement-1053 copie

C&F - Engagement-1054 copie

C&F - Engagement-1059 copie

C&F - Engagement-1061 copie

C&F - Engagement-1062 copie

C&F - Engagement-1065 copie

C&F - Engagement-1080 copie

C&F - Engagement-1083 copie

C&F - Engagement-1085 copie

C&F - Engagement-1090 copie

C&F - Engagement-1013 copie

C&F - Engagement-1095 copie

C&F - Engagement-1101 copie

C&F - Engagement-1100 copie

C&F - Engagement-1000 copie

photographe mariage

C&F - Engagement-1089 copie

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4 Responses to “Claire & Fabrice – Engagement session, Paris”

  1. Matt, we are the angels. Congratulations for your work; Feedback from our families and our loved ones are all positive. Thank you for this session, you put us at ease. Strongly August 23. Cheers…


  2. Thank you to you ! It was really a pleasure. And so yes ! Strongly August 23 ! :)


  3. a huge thank you for these beautiful pictures


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