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V&M-1434 copie
18 May 2014

{ Valériane & Mickaël }

Granite, binious, and rhododendron… Discover Valeriane and Mickaël' romantic wedding under the sun of Brittany ! A true dream wedding, and a true Breton sun this wedding season in the sumptuous surroundings of Chateau de Trédion, near Vannes. I had the chance to photoshoot this wedding throughout the day, close to V&L and their families, from getting ready in the rooms of the castle until the evening. It was a real treat for a wedding Photographer, delighted to share this wonderful day with you in the land of my ancestors. And so I want to once again thank you a 1000 times for everything. Be happy ! :)

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photographe de mariage

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photographe mariage

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V&M-1734 copie

photographe mariage

2 Responses to “Valériane & Mickaël”

  1. Thank you again to you to have immortalized this moment. Your photos are gorgeous and perfectly reflect what we felt throughout the day ! We do not regret having trusted you and we sincerely hope you to recross other important events!
    1000000000 thanks!


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