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photographe de mariage
5 May 2014

{ Lea & Jonas }

Leah and Jonas are Lebanese and live in Paris, and this is where they decided to marry, surrounded by loved ones who have made the trip for the occasion. A colorful wedding, real soft too, just like this couple both shy and humorous. Church wedding before lovely couple pictures around Paris, and an evening cruise on the Seine !

A day full of memories for me as it was my first Lebanese wedding, and I will long remember the arrival at the church lit by dozens of candles. This Lea idea really made the place magical ! A big thank you to both of you for choosing me as your wedding Photographer, but also for your warm welcome. XXL&J-1070 copie

L&J-1069 copie L&J-1084 copie

L&J-1086 copie

L&J-1087 copie

L&J-1104 copie

L&J-1096 copie

L&J-1099 copie

L&J-1100 copie

L&J-1113 copie

L&J-1119 copie

L&J-1120 copie

L&J-1140 copie

L&J-1146 copie

L&J-1150 copie

L&J-1190 copie

L&J-1192 copie

L&J-1194 copie

L&J-1197 copie

L&J-1200 copie

L&J-1210 copie

L&J-1211 copie

L&J-1218 copie

L&J-1222 copie

L&J-1232 copie

L&J-1235 copie

L&J-1239 copie

L&J-1250 copie

L&J-1260 copie

L&J-1262 copie

L&J-1266 copie

L&J-1289 copie

L&J-1267 copie

L&J-1269 copie

L&J-1276 copie

L&J-1277 copie

L&J-1279 copie

L&J-1284 copie

L&J-1252 copie

L&J-1342 copie

L&J-1344 copie

L&J-1351 copie

L&J-1354 copie

L&J-1356 copie

L&J-1358 copie

L&J-1376 copie

photographe de mariage

L&J-1379 copie

L&J-1382 copie

L&J-1383 copie

L&J-1384 copie

photographe mariage

L&J-1394 copie

L&J-1398 copie

L&J-1401 copie

L&J-1402 copie

L&J-1406 copie

L&J-1409 copie

L&J-1410 copie

L&J-1473 copie

L&J-1485 copie

L&J-1488 copie

L&J-1492 copie

L&J-1495 copie

L&J-1498 copie

L&J-1499 copie

L&J-1522 copie

L&J-1525 copie

L&J-1531 copie

L&J-1536 copie

L&J-1537 copie

L&J-1540 copie

L&J-1546 copie

L&J-1551 copie

L&J-1556 copie

L&J-1569 copie

L&J-1576 copie

L&J-1577 copie

L&J-1587 copie

L&J-1612 copie

L&J-1589 copie

L&J-1595 copie

L&J-1558 copie

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2 Responses to “Lea & Jonas”

  1. Matt, a huge thank you not only for the beautiful photos, but also for your beautiful presence among us.
    You know make every magical moment, thank you for the authenticity of your work.


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