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Alix-100 copie
2 June 2014

{ Alix – 2 years }

Another little beauty today on the Blog ! Alix, short of 2 years, and just a sweetheart.

I met Florence and Francois, the happy parents, at a wedding two years ago, and so I am back here, at their home, for a bit hectic photo shoot, but full of joy (and some tears).

As they waited a bit long to use the voucher for a photo shoot that was given to them a year ago, we can not really talk about birth photography, but the result is here, and you should melt when you see this little Alix's smiles ! Enjoy !

Alix-100 copie

Alix-104 copie

Alix-107 copie

Alix-109 copie

Alix-111 copie

Alix-116 copie

Alix-120 copie

Alix-121 copie

Alix-127 copie

Alix-128 copie

Alix-150 copie

Alix-152 copie

Alix-157 copie

Alix-180 copie

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