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C&S-1397 copie
12 June 2014

{ Caroline & Sebastien }

If you are looking for an original theme for your wedding party, brace yourself, because these two may win the contest !

When Caroline and Sebastian booked me as their wedding Photographer last year, and they told me they had chosen the theme, I knew I was going to attend a wedding like no other, and above all a wedding that I will not regret. So, While, the Star Wars theme, for a wedding, may surprise some, even for fans as C&S. While, with the choice of Daft Punk for their music, we are far from the classic Waltz. But if you add a “girly-chic touch to it”, and you do that in an exceptional place and in a good mood, there are only good things , and happiness out of it, and the result shows.

I let you discover it, and I thank the newlyweds and their entourage for this beautiful day. I'm really happy to have been there on D-day.

Caroline and Sebastien, all my wishes of happiness, may the force be with you ! And see you soon !

C&S-1000 copie

C&S-1002 copie

C&S-1004 copie

C&S-1008 copie

C&S-1017 copie

C&S-1021 copie

C&S-1022 copie

C&S-1024 copie

C&S-1027 copie

C&S-1031 copie

C&S-1035 copie

C&S-1040 copie

C&S-1042 copie

C&S-1044 copie

C&S-1053 copie

C&S-1064 copie

C&S-1066 copie

C&S-1069 copie

C&S-1072 copie

C&S-1083 copie

C&S-1087 copie

C&S-1090 copie

C&S-1094 copie

C&S-1096 copie

C&S-1100 copie

C&S-1102 copie

C&S-1103 copie

C&S-1112 copie

C&S-1115 copie

C&S-1125 copie

C&S-1129 copie

C&S-1134 copie

C&S-1136 copie

C&S-1141 copie

C&S-1145 copie

C&S-1147 copie

C&S-1148 copie

C&S-1150 copie

C&S-1152 copie

C&S-1154 copie

C&S-1155 copie

C&S-1157 copie

C&S-1158 copie

C&S-1162 copie

C&S-1164 copie

C&S-1165 copie

C&S-1166 copie

C&S-1168 copie

C&S-1169 copie

C&S-1186 copie

C&S-1187 copie

C&S-1188 copie

C&S-1200 copie

C&S-1201 copie

C&S-1205 copie

C&S-1206 copie

C&S-1210 copie

C&S-1213 copie

C&S-1222 copie

C&S-1225 copie

C&S-1230 copie

C&S-1233 copie

C&S-1238 copie

C&S-1243 copie

C&S-1247 copie

C&S-1248 copie

C&S-1251 copie

C&S-1258 copie

C&S-1262 copie

photographe mariage

C&S-1310 copie

C&S-1311 copie

C&S-1313 copie

C&S-1321 copie

C&S-1324 copie

C&S-1329 copie

C&S-1331 copie

C&S-1333 copie

C&S-1337 copie

C&S-1348 copie

C&S-1353 copie

C&S-1356 copie

C&S-1357 copie

C&S-1359 copie

C&S-1371 copie

C&S-1376 copie

C&S-1377 copie

C&S-1379 copie

C&S-1381 copie

C&S-1382 copie

photographe de mariage

C&S-1390 copie

C&S-1396 copie

C&S-1397 copie

C&S-1405 copie

C&S-1407 copie

C&S-1421 copie

C&S-1422 copie

C&S-1425 copie

C&S-1446 copie

C&S-1449 copie

C&S-1450 copie

C&S-1491 copie

C&S-1494 copie

C&S-1496 copie

C&S-1515 copie

C&S-1517 copie

C&S-1535 copie

C&S-1537 copie

C&S-1539 copie

C&S-1540 copie

C&S-1541 copie

C&S-1585 copie

C&S-1592 copie

C&S-1598 copie

C&S-1599 copie

C&S-1634 copie

C&S-1636 copie

C&S-1640 copie

C&S-1641 copie

C&S-1642 copie

C&S-1645 copie

C&S-1651 copie

C&S-1654 copie

C&S-1657 copie

C&S-1679 copie

C&S-1680 copie

C&S-1683 copie

C&S-1684 copie

C&S-1685 copie

C&S-1691 copie

C&S-1694 copie

C&S-1695 copie

C&S-1697 copie

C&S-1704 copie

C&S-1717 copie

C&S-1748 copie

C&S-1749 copie

C&S-1775 copie


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