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photographe de mariage
3 July 2014

{ Constance & Sebastien }

Here is a beautiful seaside wedding, on the Ile de Ré. Constance and Sebastiean chose to say YES in this romantic place that they both cherish. And what a joy for me to be part of the journey, despite the pouring rain at the exit of the church and some climatic inconvenience… In the end, I'm sure they will remember a perfect wedding day, surrounded by their family and their many friends.
So a big wedding, and a lots of fabulous moments and details for a Wedding Photographer. I hope that my excitement shows in the pictures, even if I am behind the lens… But again, thank you for trusting me and letting me share it with you. Happiness !

C&S-1009 copie

C&S-1022 copie

C&S-1023 copie

C&S-1029 copie

C&S-1035 copie

C&S-1041 copie

C&S-1046 copie

C&S-1049 copie

C&S-1052 copie

C&S-1053 copie

C&S-1061 copie

C&S-1062 copie

C&S-1064 copie

C&S-1071 copie

C&S-1076 copie

C&S-1081 copie

C&S-1086 copie

C&S-1104 copie

C&S-1110 copie

C&S-1122 copie

C&S-1124 copie

C&S-1125 copie

C&S-1133 copie

C&S-1135 copie

C&S-1136 copie

C&S-1141 copie

C&S-1142 copie

C&S-1143 copie

C&S-1146 copie

C&S-1153 copie

C&S-1157 copie

C&S-1159 copie

C&S-1160 copie

C&S-1163 copie

C&S-1166 copie

C&S-1177 copie

C&S-1179 copie

C&S-1181 copie

C&S-1183 copie

C&S-1189 copie

C&S-1192 copie

C&S-1199 copie

C&S-1202 copie

C&S-1204 copie

C&S-1205 copie

C&S-1209 copie

C&S-1213 copie

C&S-1214 copie

C&S-1221 copie

C&S-1222 copie

C&S-1224 copie

C&S-1238 copie

C&S-1240 copie

C&S-1242 copie

C&S-1247 copie

C&S-1249 copie

C&S-1277 copie

C&S-1279 copie

C&S-1281 copie

C&S-1283 copie

C&S-1284 copie

C&S-1288 copie

C&S-1306 copie

C&S-1312 copie

C&S-1316 copie

C&S-1320 copie

C&S-1326 copie

C&S-1338 copie

C&S-1339 copie

C&S-1341 copie

C&S-1370 copie

C&S-1372 copie

C&S-1376 copie

C&S-1377 copie

C&S-1392 copie

C&S-1393 copie

C&S-1418 copie

C&S-1422 copie

C&S-1427 copie

C&S-1446 copie

C&S-1449 copie

C&S-1450 copie

C&S-1454 copie

C&S-1462 copie

C&S-1470 copie

C&S-1513 copie

C&S-1463 copie

C&S-1465 copie

C&S-1478 copie

C&S-1483 copie

C&S-1489 copie

C&S-1492 copie

C&S-1496 copie

C&S-1497 copie

C&S-1502 copie

C&S-1504 copie

C&S-1508 copie

C&S-1516 copie

C&S-1523 copie

C&S-1525 copie

C&S-1526 copie

C&S-1527 copie

C&S-1535 copie

C&S-1538 copie

C&S-1547 copie

C&S-1549 copie

C&S-1560 copie

C&S-1579 copie

C&S-1588 copie

C&S-1604 copie

C&S-1618 copie

C&S-1624 copie

C&S-1629 copie

C&S-1635 copie

C&S-1640 copie

C&S-1641 copie

C&S-1650 copie

C&S-1691 copie

C&S-1713 copie

C&S-1714 copie

C&S-1716 copie

C&S-1718 copie

C&S-1719 copie

C&S-1720 copie

C&S-1723 copie

C&S-1724 copie

C&S-1725 copie

C&S-1782 copie

C&S-1784 copie

C&S-1787 copie

C&S-1795 copie

C&S-1798 copie

C&S-1799 copie

C&S-1817 copie

C&S-1826 copie

C&S-1828 copie

C&S-1831 copie

C&S-1832 copie

C&S-1846 copie

C&S-1849 copie

C&S-1851 copie

C&S-1852 copie

C&S-1867 copie

C&S-1877 copie

C&S-1879 copie

The Day-After…

Icing on the cake… A day-after all in white on the beach and in bright sunlight this time. Although the night ended-up quite late in the morning (skinny dipping in the sea), the Sunday brunch was really a moment of fulfillment and happiness with all the family. And of course I was there ! So then here's the bonus :)

C&S-2-1002 copie

C&S-2-1009 copie

C&S-2-1010 copie

C&S-2-1018 copie

C&S-2-1021 copie

C&S-2-1023 copie

C&S-2-1026 copie

C&S-2-1034 copie

C&S-2-1038 copie

C&S-2-1044 copie

C&S-2-1050 copie

C&S-2-1053 copie

C&S-2-1059 copie

C&S-2-1061 copie

C&S-2-1077 copie

C&S-2-1079 copie

C&S-2-1086 copie

C&S-2-1102 copie

C&S-2-1113 copie

C&S-2-1115 copie

C&S-2-1117 copie

C&S-2-1119 copie

C&S-2-1163 copie

C&S-2-1128 copie

C&S-2-1133 copie

C&S-2-1180 copie

C&S-2-1182 copie

C&S-2-1187 copie

C&S-2-1191 copie

C&S-2-1192 copie

C&S-2-1197 copie

C&S-2-1202 copie

C&S-2-1235 copie

C&S-2-1241 copie

C&S-2-1245 copie

4 Responses to “Constance & Sebastien”

  1. AU TOP !! On adore ;) Thank you 1000 times ..!


  2. Bravo Matt (Congratulations and married)! I began to think the weather might be capricious next Saturday… No reason to worry about seeing your beautiful photos… As always ;) The protracted resume


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