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photographe de mariage paris
9 July 2014

{ Anne-Laure & Edouard }

These two did indeed find each other, and their marriage was just like them : of an extreme softness, full of kindness, and full of love in the eyes and gestures. Of course, it's been like that for a few weeks, the rain was part of it, but not enough to disturb this beautiful day, and certainly not to demotivate our couple and their guests. In short, a beautiful chic and vintage wedding (ivory and lace dress, and full jacket), full of joy, and in which I am happy to have been involved ! A great big thank you to both of you for choosing me as wedding Photographer. Be happy ! AL&E-1064 copie AL&E-1069 copie AL&E-1070 copie photographe mariage AL&E-1073 copie AL&E-1083 copie AL&E-1096 copie AL&E-1100 copie AL&E-1084 copie AL&E-1060 copie AL&E-1099 copie AL&E-1101 copie AL&E-1111 copie AL&E-1113 copie AL&E-1115 copie AL&E-1124 copie AL&E-1125 copie AL&E-1126 copie AL&E-1134 copie AL&E-1129 copie AL&E-1128 copie AL&E-1140 copie AL&E-1143 copie AL&E-1158 copie AL&E-1165 copie AL&E-1154 copie AL&E-1177 copie AL&E-1185 copie AL&E-1191 copie AL&E-1284 copie AL&E-1264 copie AL&E-1227 copie AL&E-1226 copie AL&E-1259 copie AL&E-1243 copie AL&E-1239 copie AL&E-1210 copie AL&E-1206 copie AL&E-1202 copie AL&E-1312 copie AL&E-1315 copie AL&E-1318 copie photographe de mariage AL&E-1330 copie photographe mariage photographe de mariage paris AL&E-1367 copie AL&E-1391 copie AL&E-1370 copie AL&E-1384 copie AL&E-1361 copie AL&E-1402 copie AL&E-1409 copie photographe de mariage AL&E-1386 copie AL&E-1368 copie AL&E-1411 copie AL&E-1566 copie AL&E-1573 copie AL&E-1568 copie AL&E-1557 copie AL&E-1572 copie

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