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J&C-1031 copie

When the West Indies, Barcelona, Senegal and married in Britain, I think that & rsquo; we can talk about destination wedding ! But first, it was for me a beautiful new meeting with Joelle and Charles, and an experience I'm not ready d & rsquo; forget.
Here is the sun of the islands of Saint Brieuc, and a lovely wedding, full of sweetness and tenderness, to & rsquo; image of these two lovers.

A huge thank you to Charles and the pretty Joëlle, my number one fan (who even moved the date of his marriage to m & rsquo; having as wedding Photographer…), 1000 also thanks to all their relatives who have made me a true place among them that day. Very VERY happy all these meetings really give meaning to my job.

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En bonus, photos of the day after in bright sunshine along the coast…

J&C-1000 copie

J&C-1007 copie

J&C-1010 copie

J&C-1020 copie

J&C-1023 copie

J&C-1027 copie

J&C-1031 copie

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J&C-1039 copie

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J&C-1046 copie

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J&C-1061 copie

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J&C-1072 copie

J&C-1075 copie

Dress : Pronovias, Barcelona

Shoes : Jimmy Choo

Joelle is also blogger. Find it on :

11 Responses to “Joëlle & Charles – Mariage antillais a Brittany !”

  1. The photos are gorgeous ! You did a great job Matthew ! They perfectly transcribe all the emotion on this special day. Brittany was wearing her best colors to make this magical day and married had the chance to see this unforgettable day immortalized by a talented photographer :-)
    Photo shoes for the bride hairstyle sitting talking to me particularly ;-)


  2. Very nice work again… :)


  3. The first time I surfed your website, I knew. My evidence has become ours when I showed Charles your achievements. Freshness, modernity, aesthetic… All the ingredients were there to seduce us. By stopping a date, you had to be sure that you are available to 6 months of D-Day, in summer. The choice was therefore focused on a Tuesday! :-) When you discover the result today, we are happy. Thank you to have wrapped our memories of your talent, thank you for wearing our photos of your personality. Our loved ones and we are grateful to you for 831 small pleasures you've slipped into our memories. Offers you lots of happiness to many other brides and grooms. M.E.R.C.I., M.E.R.C.I, M.E.R.C.I!


  4. Beautiful pictures !
    I discovered your work, it is superb !
    Can we know where is the place of receipt (address, site web…) shines in Bretagne ?
    This might be interesting to me ;-) !!

    In advance thank you


  5. Congratulations photos are beautiful, if I could do the same, I would have been so proud of the result. I not even imagine the joy and emotion of Joelle and Charles after discovering photos.


  6. Hello Matthew,
    I just found these wonderful pictures and editing ; I admit that I am very moved.
    Thank you for having immortalized moments of pure beauty, and sublimating the union of Joelle and my brother by wonderful pictures, magical moments captured by the Artist that you are, undoubtedly.
    I keep myself troubling memories, moving and very personal wedding of my brother, and distills slowly thousand pictures, sensations, emotions at the whim of my memory…
    You know how to choose the perfect moments, and thereby make them even more perfect, definitively secure, for “newlyweds”, for all of us, and especially you managed to send us their love, in a timeless sweep of more private exchanges, that affects all of us, and makes us dream.
    Only in nature, (sensuality in the wild !), they are beautiful as gods !
    Brave, and thank you, Matthew.
    (I look after : “more” !!!)


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