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photographe mariage picardie

In the spring, I published some photos of the engagement session held in Paris with Claire & Fabrice. Today, found this cute couple of young lovers for pictures of D-Day !!! A pretty wedding wilderness, to the field of Granges du Bel-Air the heart of Picardie. Of forests, fields, a touch of lavender and lots of sun. A discovery for me the warmth and passion that I found in these northerners. But be careful because behind the & rsquo; air wise and tidy for both physios, hide real angry !

1000 thanks to you C&F for your renewed trust. Be happy, you are adorable and you deserve. And I expect you why not to read ! ;)


C&F-1008 copie

C&F-1012 copie

C&F-1023 copie

C&F-1025 copie

C&F-1028 copie

C&F-1032 copie

C&F-1038 copie

C&F-1040 copie

wedding photographer

C&F-1043 copie

C&F-1044 copie

C&F-1047 copie

C&F-1052 copie

C&F-1053 copie

C&F-1055 copie

C&F-1057 copie

C&F-1058 copie

C&F-1062 copie

C&F-1064 copie

C&F-1090 copie

C&F-1099 copie

C&F-1100 copie

C&F-1104 copie

C&F-1107 copie

C&F-1109 copie

C&F-1112 copie

C&F-1124 copie

C&F-1127 copie

C&F-1128 copie

C&F-1133 copie

C&F-1135 copie

C&F-1137 copie

C&F-1142 copie

wedding photographer

C&F-1168 copie

C&F-1171 copie

C&F-1173 copie

C&F-1176 copie

C&F-1178 copie

C&F-1180 copie

C&F-1181 copie

C&F-1182 copie

C&F-1203 copie

C&F-1204 copie

C&F-1213 copie

C&F-1218 copie

C&F-1221 copie

C&F-1230 copie

C&F-1232 copie

C&F-1233 copie

C&F-1236 copie

C&F-1244 copie

C&F-1251 copie

C&F-1255 copie

C&F-1256 copie

C&F-1257 copie

C&F-1266 copie

C&F-1267 copie

C&F-1268 copie

C&F-1269 copie

C&F-1279 copie

C&F-1281 copie

C&F-1283 copie

C&F-1442 copie

C&F-1443 copie

C&F-1447 copie

C&F-1448 copie

photographe mariage

C&F-1467 copie

C&F-1468 copie

C&F-1472 copie

C&F-1473 copie

C&F-1476 copie

C&F-1479 copie

C&F-1487 copie

C&F-1492 copie

C&F-1498 copie

C&F-1500 copie

C&F-1503 copie

C&F-1507 copie

C&F-1509 copie

C&F-1510 copie

C&F-1515 copie

C&F-1522 copie

C&F-1529 copie

C&F-1534 copie

C&F-1537 copie

C&F-1541 copie

C&F-1542 copie

C&F-1544 copie

C&F-1553 copie

C&F-1559 copie

C&F-1561 copie

C&F-1570 copie

C&F-1578 copie

C&F-1579 copie

C&F-1584 copie

C&F-1585 copie

C&F-1609 copie

C&F-1612 copie

photographe de mariage

C&F-1661 copie

C&F-1662 copie

C&F-1667 copie

C&F-1692 copie

C&F-1718 copie

C&F-1735 copie

C&F-1738 copie

C&F-1740 copie

C&F-1743 copie

C&F-1745 copie

C&F-1746 copie

C&F-1756 copie

C&F-1757 copie

C&F-1758 copie

C&F-1761 copie

C&F-1784 copie

C&F-1785 copie

C&F-1791 copie

C&F-1792 copie

C&F-1797 copie

C&F-1799 copie

C&F-1802 copie

C&F-1821 copie

C&F-1827 copie

C&F-1829 copie

2 Responses to “Claire & Fabrice – Marriage in Picardy”

  1. Matt
    a big thank you for illuminating this wonderful day with wonderful and magical pictures


  2. Matt,
    Words fail us… magnificent, incredible, moving ! That's what comes to mind when we discover your work. In famille, Friends and relatives are overwhelmed by your photos.
    Thank you for being our wedding photographer. You knew transcribe your photos the feel of the day . Thank you for being with us throughout the day : preparations to the first dance… blow the stress of setting up the dress with champagne on the track. Through your pictures we still remain on our cloud, we remember this August 23, 2014… and also discover the details that we missed !
    Thank you thank you thank you Matt and as you say may be soon for the next … ^^


    NB : like what the weather is nice in the North, not a drop of rain the city hall at the end of the evening ! For the heat against FTAs ​​are.


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