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15 October 2015

{ Marine & Alexandre }

Small excerpt of a beautiful country wedding for a beautiful young couple in love. M&To have said YES to the Chateau Gourdinière, near Le Mans, under a bright sun and the warm months & rsquo; August. A very nice DIY wedding, and again radiant married !
A huge thank you both for everything, for your kindness, your simplicity to me, and continue to follow me in my adventures aujourd & rsquo; hui yet. 1000 thank you so. Continue to be in love and be happy ! :)



You can also follow Marine, budding photographer, on his new blog :

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2 Responses to “Marine & Alexandre”

  1. Thank you for these touching words, which take us back in this wonderful day ! What emotions by reviewing your photos, you were able to accurately transcribe this beautiful day… The photos are superb, it was a great pleasure to have you as our guests! We wish you a good continuation and thousands of upcoming wedding! Marine & Alexandre


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