Photographe Mariage Peyrassol

You might recognize them as we already did an amazing engagement session in cold and snowy Brighton (UK) this winter. And now is the time for a beautiful, hot and sunny august wedding in the south of France. 

So here is a preview of this happy couple BIG day ! They said yes in the amazing surroundings of La Commanderie de Peyrassol (Var), a luxurious venue with a vintage / classic twist to it.

Lots of stress in the morning, many tears in the afternoon, some kisses, and good laughs at night, stunning location and gorgeous Bride and Groom ! What else could you expect ?

Thanks again Nicole and Guillaume for being so kind to me, and trusting me as your wedding photographer. I will definitely cherish these memories !




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Wedding photographer France

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Vidéo de mariage par Myloveberry, Clermont-Ferrand.

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